Xtreme Nitro

What is Xtreme Nitro and How Does it Work?

According to the supplement manufacturer, Xtreme Nitro is a supplement that can help you shred fat and build muscle faster than you could do so on your own. The product works by increasing nitrogen oxide (NO2) in the bloodstream with a combination of powerful ingredients. The product information indicates that a combination of Vitamins B-3, B-6, and B-12 work together to increase metabolism and energy, while l-arginine works to synthesize proteins in your blood and promote vasodilation, allowing you to pump harder during your workout and recover faster from a harder workout. L-carnitine works to help you retain muscle while metabolizing and burning fats faster than you ever did before, while chromium regulates your blood insulin, green tea increase your energy, and yohimibine bark helps to regulate your heart rate to keep things under control.

Results with Xtreme Nitro

‘A buddy of mine was helping me work out in the gym, and he’s a professional fitness trainer, so I knew I could trust him to help me bulk up. But after a few weeks I wasn’t getting anywhere, and even he was stumped. I was doing everything right, and no, I wasn’t “sneaking” behind his back or anything and eating things that would hinder my progress. I was doing a great job! I decided to try Xtreme Nitro under his supervision, and we were both wowed by the immediate change in my progress. I started shredding fat and gaining muscle so fast that he decided to give it a try since his own progress had slowed up a little bit.

After about 20 days, I saw that my body was totally different from what it had been just about three weeks earlier and I was stoked. I knew that my life would be completely different now that I had a way of keeping myself on the right track to success. I was able to sculpt my body quickly and without concern over my own safety because I knew that I could trust this product. I didn’t get some major high that was followed by a crash. I just felt more energized and was able to workout longer without serious side effects. I also felt like my metabolism was working harder but I didn’t feel a ton hungrier and I wasn’t focused on eating my stress. I love this product, and after my results and my buddy’s results, he now recommends it to all of his clients.' – Adam D., Henderson, NV


We never recommend a product that doesn’t do what it says it will do. Our team loves Xtreme Nitro because it does exactly what it says it will do for you in a short period of time. When you follow the instructions as written for Xtreme Nitro you can expect to build muscle faster, increase your strength, maximize your libido, and sculpt your body better than you can do on your own or with other products. And because of this, we give this product our stamp of approval.

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