XM Recovery

The manufacturer claims that XM Recovery is the premier product to use when you want to speed up your workout recovery time and gain more lean muscle. We wanted to know more so we did some digging. This is what we found out:

What is XM Recovery and How Does it Work?

XM Recovery, also called Xtreme Muscle Recovery, is a highly advanced post-workout pill that is made to enhance testosterone and nox levels in the body so you can grow muscle faster. The product is available only through the manufacturer’s web site and promises to help you deliver extreme pumps, extreme energy, extreme mental focus, and extreme intensity in all of your workouts and other areas of your life. Unlike other similar supplements, you wait to take XM Recovery until after you workout since it’s made to work with your body in the beginning stages of recovery.


XM Recovery, when compared to other types of post-workout supplements is the only one on the market that can promise and deliver, according to the manufacturer, all of these benefits:

  • Enhancement of HGH, the human growth hormone
  • No jitters from caffeine
  • A major boost to your sex drive
  • Boost in power and endurance so you can workout longer and harder
  • Creatine free supplement so you don’t have to worry about side effects
  • Sodium free to reduce the risk of bloating
  • Easy to take in a capsule form

While other products have some of these benefits XM Recovery is the only one featuring all of these benefits.


Results With XM Recovery

We had this little gem of a personal experience pop up in our inbox the other day and we thought we would share:

xm-recovery‘I’m not usually one to use supplements for my workout. After all, I was always taught that you just had to exercise and eat healthy and everything would be fine. But the problem was that I wasn’t fine. I was gaining weight despite doing “everything right” and even though I was lifting I wasn’t getting anywhere in that regard. So I decided to try the XM Recovery free trial. I have to say that I’ve never been more gald that I didn’t listen to my mother. It was 100% natural and 100% guaranteed, and was Creatine free with low caffeine so I wasn’t worried about side effects or getting stuck with a crappy product. I noticed right away that I was getting more out of my workouts and I began to actually feel different from the first workout. But the thing I noticed the most was the fact that I started to shed fat weight. It’s been about 6 weeks and I have to say, my arms are bigger, my body is more toned, and I’ve lost 18% body fat!' – Greg R. Ventura, CA



XM Recovery is a supplement that is both all natural and keeps the promises it makes. It doesn’t cause caffeine jitters and is safe to use, while not containing Creatine. The product makes it clear that it boosts workouts, but doesn’t replace them or create results without hard work. We love that the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee as a remedy for those it doesn’t work for, and that’s why it has our stamp of approval.


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