What is Xength and how does it work?

xengthXength has a long trail of both success stories and lackluster effects. It has been used by hundreds of men in the male enhancement market. For the last 5 years, Xength has been a go-to male enhancement product. One of our favorite aspects of this specific male enhancement product is the fact it’s all natural. Xength’s ingredients are backed by science. Two of the most potent ingredients in this effective formula are horny goat weed and arginine. The formula naturally promotes blood flow, promoting arousal and building longer-lasting erections. Horny Goat Weed also has aphrodisiac properties. Arginine is known for it’s ability to relax the blood vessels in the penis cavity allowed for better circulation and more blood, hence harder, longer lasting, more sensitive erections.

The ingredients in Xength are natural and have been clinically tested and used by thousands of men. Xength is stimulant free with potency and effectiveness guaranteed.

Benefits of Xength X1:

–       Bigger, stronger erections

–       Longer lasting erections

–       Improved Girth

–       Happier partners

–       Increased confidence in the bedroom

–       Better sex life!

My results with Xength

Xength, like many of the male enhancement supplements on the market contain ingredients the makers claim to be effective and scientifically backed. While I will say the ingredient list in Xength is more than impressive, I personally didn’t have much success with the product. I ordered the Xength free trial bottle. It arrived quickly and I took it as suggested for 4 weeks. I can say that it did make my erections feel harder but nothing substantial. I don’t have any issues getting hard but I thought maybe it would help me last longer or pull a double but I can’t say either of those happened. I think maybe it works for men who have problems in that department but if you are looking to just step up your game in bed and already have a healthy sex life, this product probably isn’t for you. You may want to consider something like Grow XL, which has given me crazy awesome results.


Xength is completely natural and contains no stimulants which is always a perk when it comes to supplements. The company also backs the product, which makes it a little less risky to try, but overall we give this product a C-. It can help ‘firm up’ a normal, healthy guy but as far as providing extra size and stamina, we can’t say that it helped in that department. Our favorite male enhancement product that we can safely stand behind its results is Grow XL.


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