Trig X2

Trig X2 was formulated to increase muscle mass by allowing increasing androgens (testosterone) while providing a stimulant free recovery from your workout. It's well known that without adequate testosterone men are unable to build any real body mass from training at the gym.

What is Trig X2 and how does it work?

The makers of Trig X2 consider the formula a ‘muscle booster' giving you the best of a workout with the quickest, healthiest recovery out there. Shortly after taking a dose, they claim you will notice immediate benefits; Your cells swell with the added blood flow allowing for more pumps and a swole, vascular body. Trig X2 is considered the ultimate workout supplement by addressing the dual demands of someone who is serious about gaining muscle. Trig X2 was designed to help you gain significant muscle mass by helping you get the most out of your weight-training session. By ingesting a pill after a training sesh, the formula is said to help reduce any inflammation and lactic acid buildup. While there is little documented on the ingredients on the Trig X2 official website, we do know this product contains NO2 which is frequently used in muscle building supplements with great success. It's the latter part of the ingredients we are interested in knowing more about.

Results with Trig X2

We had a reader e-mail and ask us to review TrigX2 because of the success they had with the formula. They also sent in the e-mail their personal testimonial: ‘I am always checking body building forums for supplements that work so I don't waste my money on crap. I came across a guy in a forum that was going on and on about how amazing Trig X2 was. I figured I'd claim their free trial and if it didn't work, I'd just cancel. I got my bottle 3 days after I placed my order and have been taking it ever since (that was 3 weeks ago). I don't know what I did before Trig X2. My workouts have been insane and the recovery is unreal. There's days I kill it at the gym and am barely sore the next day. I lift harder and can do more and I know it's because of this rad little pill.' – Andy M. Agoura Hills, CA


While we know that pre and post workout supplements are critical in any bodybuilders regime, we also know there are so many options out there. With a market flooded with scams, false claims and lackluster products, we have found a few gems. Trig X2 is one of our favorites. Like our pleased reader, we've also found personal success with this product as well as everyone else we know that has used it. Don't expect results without significant gym time but if you combine Trig X2 with ample workouts and the right diet, anything is possible.

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