What is Prolongz and How Does it Work?

According to the manufacturer, Prolongz is a product that takes you from mediocre, or simply normal levels, of performance in the bedroom to your maximum level. The manufacturer reports that guys who use Prolongz enjoy longer lasting sex, with increased control over their ejaculation by more than 97 percent. The product is simple to use, and comes as an oral strip that you simply allow to dissolve on your tongue. This little strip takes only 20 seconds to completely dissolve in your mouth, giving you the best dosage possible of the proprietary blend of ingredients in this fast acting, strong product.

Prolongz relies on a highly effective blend of Dimiana, Ginseng, and Fenugreek extract, which work together to make permanent, lasting, and fast acting changes in your body that will make you the man you always wanted to be in the sack. Prolongz works by interacting with the chemicals and hormones in the body to better control the sexual excitement you feel while you are preparing for sex and while you are in the act of sex. This product offers men the opportunity to keep their erection longer and to have better ejaculations for sex that is more satisfying for both them and their partners.


My Results with Prolongz

No man is happy to admit that he has problems in bed. The fact of the matter is that sex is nerve wracking enough as you get older, but when you start to lose your mojo, there’s nothing that can make you feel less like a man. For me, it started happening early on. I was only 35 and I noticed that I couldn’t keep an erection as long as I could just a couple of years earlier. I also didn’t have as much ejaculate. And since I had just gotten married and we were thinking and talking about having children this was a big deal. I tried Prolongz because I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor and ask for a prescription.  I also have never liked how prescriptions make me feel, and I was nervous since I’ve heard a lot of bad things about some of the prescriptions on the market. The first few days brought a world of changes for me and my wife and we both noticed that my abilities in the bedroom were changing, and it was definitely for the better. My life is completely different now, and I owe these changes to Prolongz.



We see a lot of products for men that make promises about increased performance in the bedroom and don’t actually deliver, leaving these men right where they started. When used as directed Prolongz helps men get exactly what they want out of their erections and their ejaculations so that they can increase the pleasure of their sexual experiences for both themselves and their sexual partners. That is why our team loves Prolongz and has given it our full seal of approval for men everywhere.




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