Power Pump XL

What is Power Pump XL and how does it work?

Power Pump XL is a Nitric Oxide based supplement that is intended to help you build lean muscle, boost your pumps in the gym while helping your recovery time.  This synergy of effects creates the ultimate workout supplement intended for those who are serious about actually gaining large amounts of muscle mass while burning fat. The company has designed the formula using the most portent and extensively studied ingredients that are available on the market. The formula helps naturally boost male nitric oxide levels in the body.

Higher levels of nitric oxide has been linked to:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • More energy
  • Higher libido
  • Increased endurance
  • Overall increase in health and wellness

Many claim this formula to be the “ultimate Nitric Oxide formula”. If you're not sure what exactly nitric oxide is, let us fill you in. Nitric oxide helps the body delivery more oxygen to the muscles providing an increase in muscle growth as well as less muscle fatigue during your workouts. Nitric oxide cuts down your recovery time in the gym providing you with more effective workouts. Having higher levels of nitric oxide has been linked to having lower body fat to muscle ratio. This effect provides that lean, shredded body you've been wanting. PowerPump XL also includes other known muscle boosters like L-Arginine to help you bulk up quicker. It is an extreme effective formula that is considered safe with no side effects.

My results with Power Pump XL

I know first hand how extraordinary the effects of nitric oxide can be. I have been body building for 15 years and unlike my early days, I don't touch anything that isn't natural. The problem with natural is that it can leave you feeling very unsatisfied with the results. Power Pump XL was released on the market and it was on my top supplements to try. I can tell you, it's crazy powerful. I'm use to strong stuff but this was one of the most body transforming formula I've ever come across that is completely natural. My energy levels were through the roof, my vascularity was at a peak and my gym workouts were on fire. I took the supplement for 3 weeks and I have built noticeable lean muscle and am feeling great. I don't plan on stopping!


This revolutionary formula is for those are looking to gain large amounts of muscle mass and eliminate body fat. Using the most effective natural ingredients available, Power Pump XL is extremely useful for those who need an extra boost to their workouts and are serious about putting on lean muscle mass. You're going to have to work for it but with the added benefits on this formula, we say all of your goals are attainable!


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