NO2 Extreme Rush

NO2 Extreme is a nitric oxide based supplement that the makers claim is effective in aiding in muscle growth. Nitric Oxide is used in many supplements and is the key ingredient in NO2 Extreme Rush. This supplement works by signaling to the body to release nitric oxide causing the smooth muscles around your vessels to relax and it also enables more nutrients and oxygen to be delivered to your muscles.

What is NO2 Extreme and How Does it Work?

NO2 Extreme Rush differs from other nitric oxide supplements on the market because they take the power of nitric oxide and combine it with powerful and effective ingredients like A-AKG, A-KIC, A-HCL. A-AKG naturally promotes nitric oxide in your blood giving you maximum blood flow and vasodilatation. A-KIC supports prolonged muscle pumps and aids in muscle growth and muscle recovery. A-HCL works on a cellular level to increase muscle energy and the synthesis of muscle protein allowing for faster recovery allowing for more pumps. One of the main points that makes this NO2 supplement different than it’s competitors is it’s time release formula that released a steady level of nitric oxide throughout the day allowing for stable energy and prolonged workouts.

no2-extremeWhen taking a nitric oxide supplement, such as NO2 Extreme, it has many benefits while building muscle and burning fat such as:

–       Increased stamina during workouts

–       Increased muscle pumps

–       Muscle appear larger and more defined

–       Muscles also appear more vascular

–       Muscle strength gain

–       Maximum muscle growth



My Results with NO2 Extreme Rush

Like many supplements on the market, NO2 Extreme Rush promises the same things while also using a lot of the same ingredients that many of the products I’ve tried also tried. The first day I tried NO2 Extreme Rush, I noticed an immediate effect on my energy levels. I actually wanted to go to the gym to burn off some steam. My first workout was insane. I was able to get more pumps in each set and actually had the energy to finish up my workout with some cardio. The next day, I took a dose before my workout and I had even more energy. I’m currently coming to the bottom of my NO2 Extreme Rush free trial bottle but within these 2 weeks of using it, I can see an enormous difference in my workouts which will only continue to give me results. Most NO2 products give you this pump of energy but Extreme Rush gives me energy all day long without a gnarly crash at the end of the day. By the time my head hits the pillow I’m dunzo though.



NO2 Extreme Rush comes highly recommended from our staff at This supplement provides high levels of energy, which alone is a major factor of results in the gym. Nitric Oxide is a safe ingredient and there are no known side effects to this supplement making it even a higher recommendation in our books.


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