Muscle XLerator

Muscle XLerator is one of the newest muscle-building supplements that has been introduced into the industry. It carefully combines some of the most powerful muscle building ingredients on the market to create the ultimate supplement. It’s intended to help you build lean body mass while giving you extra endurance, performance and shorter recovery times in the gym. Although the product is natural, we say that it’s only for those who are serious about bulking up. It’s an extremely strong concoction and should be taken with care because the ingredients are so potent and powerful.

What is Muscle XLerator and how does it work?

The formula contains:

  • Five different types of creatine along with a rapid release to increase pumps during training while providing shorter muscle recovery times.
  • Taurine provides maximum endurance, muscle membrane development and stability
  • Vanadyl sulfate insures quicker absorption into the muscles
  • Beta alanine is used to build lean muscle mass. Many professional athletes use this to improve performance.

Creatine is known for being one of the best supplements available to increase workout performance, lean body mass and muscle fiber size. Creatine is found normally in the body is a completely natural way to build lean muscle mass.


Results with Muscle XLerator

As soon as this product was launched, we were sent a MuscleXLerator free trial bottle and I was nominated to be the first to try. I haven’t taken any creatine supplements in the last few years so I thought it would be a good time to try one out and see how it stacks up against all of the NO2 products on the market. I tried Muscle XLerator for 3 weeks and I can safely say that I’ve notice a huge difference in my strength and endurance during my training sessions. I train hard 4 days a week and in the first week I noticed just some extra pumps and I felt really good after my workouts, not drained at all. By week 3 I was able to do more in the time I was spending at the gym. My muscle recovery had dramatically improved and I was upping my weights substantially. I didn’t get the jitters like I do on NO2 supplements and the energy I got was consistent with no crashes. I’m definitely giving this creatine business another shot.



If you haven’t tried a creatine supplement before, you should definitely start with this one. If you have, Muscle XLerator is going to blow anything else you’ve taken out of the water. The blend of ingredients MuscleXLerator uses in its formula is like nothing else on the market and one of our favorite perks of the supplement is, it’s completely natural. Do a little research, you’ll find that men love this formula to bulk up and that the ingredients are clinically proven to have huge success.


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