Muscle X Edge

What is Muscle X Edge and how does it work?

According to the manufacturer, Muscle X Edge is a scientifically concocted formula that is made to burn fat and increase muscle in a minimal amount of time. It gives the average gym-goer a simple way to get the results you are looking for. The formula increases your strength and energy levels while reducing body fat by raising the rate of your metabolism. The supplement is safe and effective and all ingredients have been screen for purity and safety. The formula is also effective at blocking fat from sticking to your body and uses your current fat stores as energy to be burned.

In addition to all of the muscle building, fat burning, energy raising benefits of this supplement, comes increased sex drive. Muscle X Edge may improve sexual stamina when taken regularly. A ripped body with harder, longer lasting erections is something I think we can all live with.

The company guarantees results and you can read more details on the formula and testimonials on Muscle X Edge here.

My Results with Muscle X Edge

Don’t we all dream of that lean, fit body? Defined abs, toned arms and chest. I had been a gym buff for years and was happy with my body but not completely satisfied. I would always burn out in the gym and couldn’t get over the ‘hump’ of looking athletic to actually being built. Myself, like many others, had a few pounds to shed before you could see the abs I had put so much work into. A friend at the gym had made a complete transformation with his body and I wanted to know what he was doing. That’s what I found out about Muscle X Edge. I ran home and ordered a free trial of Muscle X Edge and noticed immediate energy and stamina in the gym. I actually enjoyed being there and left all of my workouts feeling satisfied. Within weeks, my ‘gut’ over my abs started to disappear. Long story short, I can’t say I’ve ever been this happy with the way my body looks or how I just feel in general. I have more confidence, energy and stamina (in more places than just the gym). I am so happy with this supplement, I think everyone should know about it and at least try it so you can experience what I have.


Our staff loves Muscle X Edge. The product works but it also takes putting some serious time and energy into the gym. This product is not a magic pill nor will it give you results if you do nothing but if you put some time pumping iron, this will make a world of difference for you. We give this product a solid A for it's ability to push you over your plateau and help you get your desired body.

Muscle X Edge


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