Muscle Factor X

What is Muscle Factor X and How Does it Work?

Muscle Factor X has been on the market far longer than most supplements. It’s intensely popular among men who are avid gym goers looking to increase muscle, burn fat and gain energy. Muscle Factor X is different than most muscle building supplements on the market because it is not only targeted to helping you increase muscle but also burn fat while doing it. The company stands behind this product and claims a ‘re-engineered body within 30 days’.

The makers of Muscle Factor X did a clinical study and it showed that men who took Muscle Factor X were able to gain 25% more lean muscle mass 30% faster than men who were on other or no supplements. It also showed that the men were able to burn 27% more body fat at 54% faster than men not on Muscle Factor X. These results are undeniably attractive.

The ingredients in Muscle Factor X are intended to increase your natural levels of HGH. Higher levels of HGH have directly linked to lower body fat and higher lean muscle ratios. This makers also claim their formula has been proven to raise your natural metabolic rate thus increasing your body’s fat burning capabilities.


My Results with Muscle Factor X

I wasn’t the first one in our offices to try Muscle Factor X. Actually, I was one of the last. This product has been floating around our offices and is becoming a staple in many of these guys workout regime. When I needed to pick a product to test and review, I knew exactly what I wanted: Muscle Factor X. I sent out for one of their Muscle Factor X free trial bottles and began my test journey. The first week I had crazy amounts of energy. I lasted longer at the gym and felt motivated like I haven’t felt in years. By the end of the second week my energy was still peaking and I could start to see some changes in my mid section. Everything looked tighter, I’m not sure if this was due to losing water retention but by the end of the third week of my trial, I’m hooked. I’ve gained 3 lbs but look leaner than ever.  I have tons of energy in the gym and in the bedroom (I didn’t know this was one of the side effects). I can safely say I give Muscle Factor X an A+ in my book.



We can safely say that everyone on our staff that has tried this product loves it. The love for Muscle Factor X doesn’t stop there. You can read hundreds of positive Muscle Factor X reviews all over the web. A few main benefits we love from this formula is the lean muscle gains, crazy amounts of energy both in the gym and the sack and ample weight loss. Try it for yourself.


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