Testosterone Booster

The Truth about Low Testosterone

Men over 40 have low testosterone – FALSE!

Many of us believe that men over 40 have low testosterone. This isn’t always the case. While it’s normal for testosterone to decline with age, your levels may not be considered to be ‘low’ for what’s the normal level for your age bracket. If you levels are considered significantly lower than the ‘normal’ for your age, you have options and there are so many solutions to helping raise your levels so that the quality of your life does not have to suffer.


If you have a low sex drive you have low testosterone – FALSE!

As men age, it’s normal to have a lower libido and fewer spontaneous erections. There is a difference between a lower libido and little to no sex drive though. Men who experience a diminished sex drive may in fact have low testosterone. It’s important to discuss this factor with your doctor.


How flashes are only for women – FALSE!

Hot flashes, enlarged or painful breasts, shrinking testicles, loss of body hair and erectile dysfunction are all signs of very low testosterone in men.


Low Testosterone can make you depressed – TRUE!

Normal levels of testosterone help produce blood cells, boost mood and clear thinking as well as keep your bones and muscles strong. Low levels can cause problems concentrating, depression and even anemia.


If you think that you may be experiencing low testosterone it is important that you see your doctor. There are many factors that may make you have symptoms of low testosterone but only a blood test can tell you for sure what your levels are. The Endocrine Society considers 300 to 1,200 ng/dL normal and less than 300 low. You and your doctor can determine together the best treatment for you if they discover your levels are less than optimal to help you recover the quality of life you deserve.

There are thousands of over the counter products available that are intended to help increase testosterone levels naturally.


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