Envigra Male Enhancement Cream

What is Envigra and how does it work?

Envigra is a revolutionary new male enhancement cream that in intended to make your penis larger and your erections harder, permanently. Envigra cream works by expanding the capacity of the internal cavities of the penis so that more blood is able to fill the tissues during an erection. Erections are also more easily obtained while using this cream because there is more of a supply of blood flow to the penis. You can see the results of this cream almost immediately upon application. Envigra male enhancement cream is a completely natural formula and is designed with ingredients derived of plants that will help increase blood flow and circulation and make tissue wider and flexible.

Some of the most enticing aspect of this cream is that the company guarantees results within days. They claim that the ‘formula works in 100% of cases'. The company also claims you can gain 3 1/2 inches, permanently.

More perks of the Envigra cream are:

  • There's┬áno pills, pumps or exercises needed to get results
  • You can maximize penis size, bedroom stamina and sexual performance
  • The company guarantees results
  • 100% natural with no side effects


Results with Envigra Male Enhancement Cream

‘I have tried numerous male enhancement pills that make promises that either leave you with a hard on for hours or do absolutely nothing. I have never tried a male enhancement cream until we were sent a free trial bottle of Envigra. Being the office trial guinea pig, I gladly took the bottle home and I figured I didn't have anything to lose. I didn't expect much but after the first ‘application' I noticed that my penis was much more sensitive. Everything was giving me chubs and I was ‘ready to go' at the drop of a hat. Even after I would have cum, I would stay hard for another hour or so. By week 3, I could tell that my penis was overall getting more ‘swollen' looking. Not the bad kind of swollen but the bigger, wider kind of swollen. My erections were lasting longer than ever and I was even more sensitive than the first week. After about a month of using Envigra cream, I don't plan on stopping. This has completely changed how I function during sex, in a great way. I feel like I'm larger and can last so much longer. We joke in the office now that Envigra bottles are always disappearing because everyone is dying to try it.' Larry M. -Boston MA



Almost everyone is our offices now can attest to the amazingness of this cream . I don't know if anyone has gained the true 3 1/2 inches that the makers of Envigra brag about but there have definitely been guys who have noticed a ‘huge' difference in the size of their penis but more importantly, they have been having mind blowing sex and rock hard erections. This cream gets an A+ in our book.




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