Blast XL

What is Blast XL and how does it work?

According to the manufacturer, Blast XL is scientifically formulated to give you harder, longer-lasting erections; longer orgasms that feel better; and will help you blow bigger loads, all without a prescription. The blend has been formulated with herbs that naturally optimize the strength and efficiency of the male reproductive system. Using the product every day is said to help your body learn to naturally maintain longer erections and over time, increase the amount of semen available to help you not only sustain an erection but also to provide better ejaculate.

BlastXL provides the type of sexual stamina that every guy (and his girl) can certainly learn to live with, and enjoy. The company guarantees your satisfaction and you can read more about it here. Blast XL is the brother product to popular Grow XL male enhancement supplement. When these supplements are taken together, the results are said to be unreal. Longer, harder, erections… the stamina of a bull and insanely powerful orgasms. Blast XL and Grow XL are definitely living up to their reputations.

My results with Blast XL

Every guy wants to be that guy that no woman can live without. We want to be the one she talks about with all her friends, telling them how incredible we are in bed, and how she can’t imagine being with anyone else. I had tried a lot of different things to bring myself up to that level of potential. You know what I’m talking about. Different supplements, hundreds of herbs that purportedly could help me boost my drive and become a God. I had even tried other products, and I know you know what I’m talking about—creams, rubs, systems…contraptions. Blast XL has been a staple for a few guys in the office but I had to try it for myself.  I opened my browser and ordered my Blast XL free trial. Within just a few days I noticed a difference in the way I was handling myself in bed, from the way I made her feel, to how long I was lasting, and even how easily I could get an erection, even when I was tired. Just a couple of weeks later and it was girl’s night at our place. I pretended to be working, but instead sat on the stair and listened to my girl tell her friends all about the amazing difference she’s felt and how she now knows I’m “the one”.  I couldn’t be happier. And I think that everyone should try this supplement.



We love Blast XL. The product does exactly what it promises to do—naturally and quickly change your sex life for the better and give you the power and strength in bed that you have always needed and wanted. Blast XL on it's own in a good product but without the Grow XL pairing, it's good product. Grow XL takes this supplement to the next level. These products are one of those magic pills you can count on and you won’t have to worry about nasty side effects. We give this product two thumbs up. Now all you need is the courage to be the God it makes you.


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Grow XL

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Using both products is highly recommended for results like those of Bryan, because one product alone may not help you achieve the results you wanted.