1285 Muscle

What is 1285 Muscle and How Does it Work?

According to the manufacturer, 1285 Muscle is a natural body building supplement that will help users get totally ripped in minimal time. The product claims to build lean muscle, increase the strength of users, improve user endurance, and reinvent the entire body. Surveys of users indicate that the product performs at and above the levels of other similar products. According to survey results, users indicate that they look up to 52 percent more ripped after using 1285 Muscle and that their endurance increases by more than 42 percent. Post workout fatigue is also impacted by the supplement and users indicate in survey that their post-workout fatigue is reduced on average by up to 35 percent.

The product promises to increase metabolism, reduce body fat percentage, cut recovery time from hard workouts in half, boost the endurance threshold, increase overall energy levels, increase overall protein synthesis, and help users get the body they’ve always wanted quicker than they thought possible. The product is revered by manufacturers for its ability to boost energy and increase the push of workouts, so that the effect of working out is greater in a shorter period of time. The 1285 Muscle is said not only to increase energy, but also power, making it easier to lift more and get ripped muscles in a short period of time. The product relies on the power of Nitric Oxide to help users maintain their current health while stimulating the production of new cell growth in the body for future increases in health. Nitric Oxide is also known for its power to improve blood flow in the organs, which helps the product push more oxygen and blood into the muscles during workouts, returning a greater output for the body builder.

Results With 1285 Muscle

We love hearing from our readers. We recently got this e-mail from a reader who had tried 1285 Muscle: ‘When I decided to use 1285 Muscle, I wasn’t sure what it would do. I had heard that it was for body builders, but nobody ever really listens to that stuff. I mean, I thought I would just get a little definition and even though that’s not what I really wanted, I was okay with it as long as I got something out of it and not just a massive headache and a big fat bill. I tried the risk free 1285 Muscle trial and within just a couple of weeks I was starting to see massive changes in my body. I couldn’t believe it! After two months, I couldn’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I’m never turning back!' Sam M. – Santa Barbara, CA

Recommendation for 1285 Muscle

1285 Muscle is worthy of a recommendation because it offers the right balance of supplementation with the reminder that hard work and working are still a necessary part of making a change. Although the product relies on the miracle molecule—Nitric Oxide—it doesn’t claim to be magic and presents realistic results for the majority of its users. Since this product is safe to take and is made with a proven ingredient, it gets a gold star.


1285 Muscle


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